Design Wall Monday 11/29

I'm back to a previous wall item - my coverlet which I started late summer.  I've learned a lot by starting to add the applique.  First, one should applique the sides first then put them on the top for the most part.  Some of my leaves will have paper in them because in making the 2 ply item - I can't cut the back to get the paper out.  Once I realized that I used some of Beth Ferrier's dissolving template material and those will not have paper - hehe - they will be like those old old quilts that were dated by the old paper in them.  Have three more sides to do.
Also I just couldn't get away from those rotary revolution blocks!  Before I knew it I had made 2 more - they are addictive - lol.  And I like the look of a two colors.  These were from 9" blocks and they came out to 10" finished.  What are you working on this week?  And don't forget to visit Judy at http://www.patchworktimes.com/ to see what others are up to.


Stash Report 11/28

I used 2 fat eighths, and I got 3 yards of fabric as a prize.  So stash has grown.  I did do some quilting, but mostly helping with new baby still.

You can see what others are up to at Judy's Patchwork Times - her button is in the right side bar.


Winnings from Blogger's Quilt Festival

Yesterday, the postman brought me my wonderful prize from Canton Village Quilt Works.  The prize was one of those offered during the recent Blogger''s Quilt Festival.  So not only did I get to see hundreds of beautiful quilts (mind you, I'm still clicking on them to read the stories) but I got these:
12 Kaffe Fassette 1/4 yards.  I remember a tea cup quilt of his made with similar fabrics - I'm thinking of doing that with these, but that only requires like a 6 inch square.  Any suggestions for the rest of those 1/4 yards?  I recommend you consider entering her spring festival.  It is so much fun and a wonderful way to go to a quilt show.


Design Wall Monday 11/22

In an attempt to lessen stress of a new baby in the family, I took a few minutes for quilt therapy and you know, it worked!  I read about quilt therapy I  believe on a post at Stash Manicure. So I actually have something on my wall after a full week of no quilting, piecing, etc.  These are blocks called Anita's Arrowhead and I saw them in an article in the latest Quiltmaker.  They are from Ms Solomon's new book called Rotary Cutting Revolution.  I'm going to buy it as soon as I can.  These were made from 2 squares, 3 cuts and I get this amazing large block.  She made her's from 8 1/2" squares. I made mine from 10" squares in case I buy a layer cake and they make up into finished 11 1/2" squares, so I would have a big quilt in no time.   They sew up in a snap!  What I'll do with these, I don't know yet, but I can see making seven more from my stash and making another preemie quilt.


Stash report 11/21 and Harvest

Well no quilting done this week - everything was Alan Vincent Stewart  - LOL.  He is so tiny!  At four pounds he is just like a little doll.  But doing well and eating well. Alleluia!

So none in and none out - and that's my stash report for this week.

Now here is my harvest.  While it is raining now - has been for the last 24 hours on and off - I did go out to our two tomato plants and plucked all the red fruit for eating just before it began to rain.  Yumm!  They are so tasty.  New plant doing nicely but no fruit yet, just flowers.

I'm saving most for Thanksgiving Day salad.

Thanksgiving Giveaway

Check out Elaine's Thanksgiving Giveaway at Faithful Quilter.  You have til Thanksgiving Day to enter.
Baby Alan came home yesterday. Mother and baby doing fine.

I'll be spending time there every day so I"m saying Happy Thanksgiving now in case I can't post then.

May you have a wonderful time with your family and friends as we give thanks for our many blessings. 


Design Wall Monday 11/15

Phew it has been a hectic few days, but with the Grace of God we have gotten through them.  My daughter had her baby early, 6 weeks early, so we were a little preoccupied with things other than quilting.  I did sit down last friday and start a quilt which I call a coverlet because a) it is only 2 layers - no batting, and b) it is to cover little Alan Vincent Stewart's layette unit to deflect the light in his corner of the NICU room.  Here is the quilt

The back is flannel and I clipped the edges as a one does a rag quilt in place of binding.  And here is a photo of Alan, our newest sweetie:

He's doing great for a preemie - breathing on his own and eating good.

Needless to say, I'll be happy if I get one shop hop block made this week as otherwise I will be busy.


Design Wall Monday 11/8

or back on track!  I've assembled the row, sandwiched it, and half quilted it.  Then i can added to the other two rows and I'll be 3/4ths done with the center of Em's ufo. 

See my fancy spool holder on left - LOL.
What's on your wall?  Go to Judy's posting to see what others are going to be doing this week.  And go to her newest post and see her great quilt block in the new Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks issue.

5 weeks 3 days to go

and she's looking it!
Happy to report she's doing well - so is baby.
Can hardly wait!


Stash Report 11/7

Well, I bought some - fabric that is - after so many weeks I succumbed to the sale at Jo-Ann's.  Picked up some cute baby fabric and a couple of panels.  This is what happens when you have a new DGB coming in just 6 weeks.  Now to get busy with it.

Used: 2 yard to make a charity quilt
Bought:  -13.25

Net for week  -11.25

Not good.  And how do I count 2 apron panels, 1 vest panel and 6 yds found at a yard sale that I brought home?

Probably not good either - LOL


It's Done or Progress Report for this week

Okay it isn't Thursday, but I didn't have time to post it, so here is my Progress Thursday on Friday - LOL. On left here is the front                                                   On right here is the back and speaking of batting:

I used a piece of leftover batting which I now realize was a bit too stiff so a neonatal quilt, but the baby will soon have a quilted mat to play on. Oh well.


Down the tracks again

I went on a scouting trip for a future senior trip for our church - I know - a cushy job, but someone's got to do it. I left at 7am, voted, stopped by the post office, then headed for the train depot. Bought my ticket and waited for my friend, Torre.  At 8am promptly we boarded the train and waited for it to take off which it did at 8:15. At 8:50 we got off the train at Downtown Pomona, CA

and proceeded to check out their revitalized downtown that has an Antiques Row of stores (most closed on Tuesday, sigh) and an Art Colony (most opening at 11 - another sigh) but we walked down antiques row and found ourselves on the main drag of the Western University of Health Sciences and BOY has this campus grown.

The big surprise was the statues that looked like real people spread here and there along the walk. Sure would like to know how they were cast! For some of them, you had to get right next to them to see they weren't real people. Guys reading paper are statues. 

Then we headed for the American Museum of Ceramic Art. They currently have an exhibit of Mexican ceramic art for the Day of the Dead (Oct 31st). Wow! We got lucky - they don't open until 12, but the nice guy let us in early. After viewiing the permanent collection
and the exhibit we headed to La Merendera - a Mexican restaurant and bakery for an early lunch at 11:30. Yumm! We then walked off our lunch taking in some other shops and viewing all the Art Deco buildings in this town. Then back to the depot and home by 3pm. A good trip, but probably not for our seniors as it involves too much walking, but it would make a good volkswalk - LOL!

Got home and promptly took an hour nap - I was tired from all that walking in the sun - temps are back to normal - it was in the low 90s.


Design Wall Monday or

Stop the quilting, I have to piece a charity top!  LOL - yes, I got a kit at our guild workshop and have to make the top asap.  So here are the blocks:
They are made of flannel.  The directions said we don't have to worry about the corners matching.  That is good as the pieces has so much give in this material.  I've got 5 of the 9 done, so it shouldn't be long before I can get back to Em's ufo.  I did get the two sections joined.  and you can see them below.  I'm liking how this looks.

Left is the back with the sashing strip and
Right is the front and back and how it looks so far.